Industrial, OEM & Commercial Lead Products & Fabrications

We have been producing fabricated lead products continuously for 80 years (1935). Our market is nationwide with greater emphasis on the eastern & southeastern United States. Call us to discuss your lead based products requirements. Our seasoned Sales Engineers can answer your questions and supply you with a quick, competitive, custom quote for your application. Our plant stands ready to supply your company with the best in lead fabrications. NOW offering Powder Coated Lead Products!!!

Among our products:

Manufacture interlocking and rectangular lead brick


lead sheet in rolls, flats or plates

Lead Sheet
Rolled, Flat, Plate

lead lined sheetrock

Lined Drywall

custom extruded lead bars


Lead Roof Flashings

Roof Flashings

Machined Lead

Machined Lead Parts

Custom Lead Castings

Custom Lead Castings

Lead Ingots & Pig Lead

Lead Ingots & Pig Lead

marine ballast

Marine Ballast

Cusotm Weights

Custom Weights

ibex Internation Boat Builders Exhibition & Conference

Florida Roofing and Sheet Metal Show
Pure Lead Products is proud to be one of America’s oldest and most complete lead product manufacturers.