Lead Ingots – Caulking Lead – Pig Lead

Caulking Lead

Caulking Lead – Pig Lead

Pig Lead

These are uniform 65 lb. to 75 lb. cast bars. Pig lead is often remelted but can also be used as a ballast product.
Pig is cast with “ears” to make lifting individual pieces easier. This a simple cast product, but has a variety of applications.
Easy to handle and easy to stack Purelead’s pig is used as ballast or trim weight for jobs requiring concentrated weights, such
as marine applications barge ballast, ship ballast and more..
Pure Lead stocks 99.99% and 99.97% pig lead for immediate shipment.

Ingot Lead is otherwise known as Caulking Lead. These are 25 lb. bars with five 5 lb. round lead sections.
This product is generally used by plumbers to caulk pipe joints.
Other uses are for ballast and other weight / counterweight applications.

Pure Lead Products lead ingots

Pure Lead Products lead ingots

Lead Ingots

Lead Ingots are easy to melt. They are very clean and great for casting fishing weights, casting bullets or using anywhere else 99.9% lead is required.

Pure Lead Products uses the finest quality clean lead. Call us today for a quote.

Our Pig Lead Ingots and Caulking Lead are always in stock, and can ship same day if needed.