Lead Lined Drywall, Gypsum Board

Pure Lead Products manufactures high quality lead lined drywall for radiation shielding applications.

Pure Lead uses only Fire Rated Gypsum Board in the manufacturing of our lead lined drywall.
Some in the industry will refer to this as lead lined sheetrock ( a trademark of Rock Wool)

Lead Lined Sheetrock

Lead Lined Gypsum Board From Pure Lead Products

Lead Lined Gypsum Board

  • Lead thicknesses starting at 1/64” up to 1/8”
  • Lead sheets in sizes from 7’ up to 10’
  • We do thicker sheet lead on lead lined plywood
  • Gypsum board is also available in ½” if requested
  • Lead discs and lead strips are available as well.

We know the requirements of the nuclear, medical other radiation industries and are able to ship the lead backed gypsum board you need for your application.

At Pure Lead Products we pressure-laminate our own rolled lead sheet direct to gypsum board panels. The lead we use is 99% pure, with no voids or gaps.

Lead sheet is permanently laminated in thickness required to meet code for the application, Typical thickness of lead is 1/8 down to 1/32 of a inch.
The lead sheet can either be 48 inches wide or 49 inches. The 49 inch lead sheet allows for an overlap between drywall panels.
Pure Lead Products offers lead strips and special corner or other custom pieces as required to complete your radiation shielding project.

We also make lead-lined plywood. Plywood supplied in 5/8″ or 3/4″ with lead sheet.